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This study manual examines the Good News of the Kingdom, from how God reconciled us to Himself through the atonement, to how we can share His love and grace with others in Christian Fellowship. This manual also explains what it means to trust God and follow His will. This manual is beneficial for anyone who wants to understand the Christian faith and what it means to be a Christian.

Evangelist Bradley Sliedrecht travels internationally to equip the church in Evangelism, Christian Living, and Christian Leadership.

He helps the ministries he connects with reach their communities and plant churches and encourages ministries to seek opportunities to become self-sufficient. “My vision,” says Evg. Bradley, “is to make disciples of Jesus, who will, in turn, make disciples of Jesus.”

My hope," says Evangelist Bradley, "Is that the Christian Faith Teaching Series will present uncomplicated truth that will be studied and applied to aid believers in correct understanding and living of the Gospel."

Evangelist Bradley has bachelor's degree in Christian Leadership with majors in advanced bible study and Christian philosophy and a bachelor's degree in Divinity with a major in Evangelism.


You will get a PDF file

The Gospel Of Jesus Christ - PDF

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