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We all have a story to tell. "The Journey” by Evangelist Bradley Sliedrecht takes us from hopeless to hopeful through trials and tribulations as the Potters Hand moulds and refines us until we are in the place where God will use us for His glory. This profound book is written with humbleness and complete transparency showing us that we are all called to spread the Word of God in any and every situation. Let the Lord have your heart and see what He will do for you and where your story will lead. 


- Avy Hattingh

Counselling Diploma,

Certified Life Coach Practioner,

Team leader of The Shepherds Calling in SA.


This is the story of our journey to living our life sold out to the call of God. Often, I think people look at people who are doing what God has called them to do and they think it was all laid out ready for them to step into it. But the truth is we all had walls to climb over and we all have a story to go with every obstacle we faced and conquered to get to the next level and live the life God has prepared for us.


This is our story as a family - a few pages of it anyway, and it all started on an October day when the Pediatric Specialist told us to say our goodbyes because our toddler would not make it through the night.


Evg. Bradley Sliedrecht


You will get a PDF (3MB) file

The Journey - PDF

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